Why You Might Need Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks?

Why You Might Need Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks?

In many areas of Australia that are prone to bush fires, it is required by law that homeowners have water tanks, with supply of water specifically dedicated to firefighting events. When water is readily available in case of fire, you can save your property and most importantly protect the lives of you and your family members. In many areas of Australia, bush fires are very common, especially during hot summer days, when flammable, dry vegetation and extremely hot temperature are making it opportune for runaway fires. If the flows are not quickly controlled, then it becomes problematic to manage an outbreak, resulting in devastating circumstances. Fire-fighting water tanks on your property allow fire fighters to locate a water supply in a hurry.

If you are looking for firefighting water tanks, Rain Cycle designs, manufactures and supplies concrete water tanks, conforming to Australian Standards (AS) 2304 – 2311. When you apply for a house renovation or a construction of a new building in an area; that is vulnerable to bush fires, your approval will depend on whether you have met certain building requirements. Among these requirements is that a dedicated or static water supply should be provided on your property to be used for fire suppression.

Rain Cycle manufactures firefighting tanks made from concrete and intended for underground installation. Concrete is an appropriate material to use because it is non-combustible and will not be affected by heat. Our underground tanks can save you storage space on site; as they can be positioned under walkways, gardens, etc. This means they do not need any additional protection and can be driven over, by any vehicle such as fire trucks.

Installing firefighting water tanks on your property in regional, rural, or local fire areas will enable fire fighters to refill their tankers quickly. They can then get back to the task of putting out the fire, to prevent it from creating damage to life and property. Rain Cycle tanks have special liners and metal fittings and have a 200mm access hole so that tankers can refill straight from the tank. Our tanks also have Storz fittings with interlocking hinges, which allows simple and quick connection and disconnection.

Other benefits of using Rain Cycle water tanks are:

  • Quick installation. We can also accommodate immediate deliveries throughout Australia.
  • Our tanks are designed to suit specific requirements, even for public buildings.
  • Our concrete tanks are durable and with minimum maintenance, can last you a lifetime.
  • These are certified products; meeting all manufacturing requirements.
  • Our tank sizes can hold 20,000L – 200,000L (depending on your requirement).

Please note that if you are thinking of installing a firefighting water tank, you also have the responsibility to display a sign stating what water source you have – dedicated or static – and its location. This sign should be clear and visible and should have the approval of local fire authorities. Contact us for a quote or more information on 1800 006 176 or visit us at www.raincycle.com.au. Find out more on our latest newsletter on firefighting concrete water tanks: https://raincycle.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Raincycle-Newsletter-October-Issue-2.pdf

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