Concrete water tanks – why are they the best option?

Concrete water tanks – why are they the best option?

These days, it’s becoming a wise idea to have a water storage tank. Whether you’re aiming for stormwater retention or just keeping a big supply of drinking water on hand, water tanks can be a big help. While it’s true that rainwater tanks come in different sizes and different materials, concrete is definitely the best choice. Today, we’re going to look at several reasons why concrete water tanks are at the top of the heap.

Cost is key

Often the biggest obstacle to installing onsite detention tanks is affordability. This is where concrete makes its first impact. Concrete is one of the least expensive materials for water tank construction as it is widely available all over the world. It is also very efficient and easy to maintain.

Health is high

Concrete being easy to maintain means it’s also easy to keep safe. With concrete, you won’t have to worry about algae growth or bacteria development. Also, as an added bonus, concrete is a poor conductor of heat so if your water tank is to be used for storing drinking water, it will be kept nice and cool throughout the year for you.

Durability is definite

In addition to concrete water tanks being easy to install and maintain, they are also long-lasting. Concrete is very durable and long-lasting. Many businesses opt to use concrete as a good tank can last up to 50 years. With other materials, there would be a need for more regular maintenance and more frequent tank replacement.

Customisation is crucial

Concrete Water TanksEveryone knows how tough concrete is, but it has another amazing quality that makes it excellent for onsite retention tanks. That quality is customizability. Concrete water tanks can be made in almost any shape. For homeowners, this means you can have it crafted to match the aesthetic or design of your house. Property size isn’t an issue either as concrete rainwater tanks can be installed both above and below ground. You can also meet halfway and have one partially submerged in the ground if you like. In some cases, you can have a concrete rainwater tank built with a steel framework and even robust shutters. There are plenty of ways you customise your tank when concrete is your pick.

Taste is tastier

We’ve mentioned the safety of using concrete tanks, but there is an added perk that needs to be noticed. When using tanks for drinking water, you can be assured that the water will taste its best. The absence of plastic in the construction means that you won’t have to contend with acidity or bitterness. Also, you won’t have to worry about the odours that can sometimes pop up in plastic tanks. All around, concrete is absolutely the best way to go.

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