Firefighting Water Tanks

Firefighting Water Tanks

Generally, as we know the Australian climate is hot, dry, and likely to suffer from droughts. Therefore, some parts of the country, sometime during the year, is prone to bush fire. If you live in a remote or rural area or the fringes of the CBD it’s always wise to have a reliable source of water, ideally you would want to store water in large rainwater water tanks. Water, after all, is a very precious commodity, so you want to ensure its stored for use during emergency, such as fire.

The government and fire authorities have ruled the use of firefighting tanks in many fire prone areas of Australia because water should be readily accessible, when needed. In some cases, water from the town’s main supply may not be available or the demand is more than what the water lines can supply. The quality of water; to be used, to suppress fire is not important; but the accessibility becomes critical.

Rain Cycle manufactures and supplies concrete tanks, a non-combustible material and then installs a Storz Fire Connection as seen below to equip the tank for fire fighting purpsoses. If you maintain it well, these tanks can last for many years and prove to be helpful in case of bushfire to protect your property. Rain Cycle can seamlessly integrate its water storage tanks, with the current fire protection system, which helps in reducing the total cost, as you don’t need to install separate systems. This method of integration makes the system consistently good in quality and performance.

We manufacture concrete tanks, in compliance with the Australian Standards and the fire authorities’ mandate. These tanks are designed in such a way; to give instant help in the face of a sudden adversity, such as fire, safeguarding lives and property. It’s difficult to imagine how people can respond to a disaster, with insufficient or no water at all. Lack of water is one reason why instead of suppressing the fire early, it spreads to a wider area and leaves a lot of damage.

A well-designed concrete rainwater tank ensures the continuous supply of water; during droughts, natural disasters and when the town’s pump machinery fails to function. If you are installing a water tank to be used in situations like a bush fire; it is suggested that you first contact the building compliance agencies and the local fire authorities. As the government repeatedly insists on the installation of a dedicated source of water for fire services; solutions like the firefighting tanks are very cost effective, as well as practical.

We are a renowned concrete rainwater tank manufacturer, who have years of experience in the industry. With Rain Cycle, you will not go wrong, as we are the market leader in water storage and solutions. Our tank sizes range depending on the size of your property. Contact us for a fast quote. Or, you may want to speak to one of our experienced professionals, to learn more. Dial our numbers 1800 006 176 or visit our site at

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