Water Tanks with Fire Fighting Capability

Water Tanks with Fire Fighting Capability

As we all know fires in Australia result in devastating damage to property, people, animals, and a significant impact to the environment and everyday life activities. Australia as a country is rated as a high-risk country to suffer from bush fires because of its dry climate, droughts during the periods of April to September and sometimes beyond. In these situations, water tanks play an essential role in suppressing fires and can preventing major incidents from occurring.

Firefighting water tanks are a storage of water that are installed underground and come with an additional Storz Fire connection as pictured. Underground concrete water tanks occupy less property and provide more protection from external factors. Most fire authorities in the country approve concrete tanks for fire suppression systems and increasing the requirements in formal plans to include this important feature.

Rain Cycle is an expert in concrete water tanks for fire protection services. We can essentially design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain water tanks; to ensure that you and your family are always ready with plenty of water. Our installations are in accordance with Australian standards and our fire-fighting water tanks can be custom designed, as per your requirement and according to the size of your property and the environmental conditions in your area. Our team of engineers have a wealth of industry experience; to build your desired custom design.

There are numerous benefits of firefighting water tanks, when natural and man-made causes can easily result in fire at any time. They are as follows:

  • Help suppress fire – The accessibility of these tanks helps the fire brigade to get water with ease and suppress the fire before it gets more serious.
  • Can store large amounts of water – Our Rain Cycle tanks can store large quantities of water, as they come in a large range of capacities. So large fires can be easily extinguished; fire fighters can connect the fire hose and spray water in the affected area.
  • Easy to replenish – Once the water in the fire-fighting tanks has been used up; it can be filled up again, ready for the next emergency. This makes water more readily available.
  • Water tanks help protect property and save lives. With the proper fire protection system, you can prevent loss of finances, protect family members and those in the community.

You can also use the fire-fighting water tanks for other purposes, such as washing cars, watering. hosing down and many other uses. Fire emergencies just happen; they are unforeseen so, the water tanks should be full of water at all times.

Firefighting water TankAt Rain Cycle, our business mission is to achieve service excellence, energy efficiency and low construction costs. Our highly experienced and skilled technicians can provide advice about the best, yet most affordable solution to your tank requirements. Call us on 1800 006 176. Our team will provide you with a quick, no obligation quote for your fire-fighting water tank installation. Or, if you want to have additional information, visit us at www.raincycle.com.au.

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