How are Concrete Water Tanks Made?

How are Concrete Water Tanks Made?

In regions where water supply is scarce, rainwater tanks are used to collect rainwater and store it for future use. Storm water is collected from rooftops or other surfaces that allow water to flow through and be collected. The harvested rainwater cost effectively increases the amount of accessible water on the property. These tanks have overflow mechanisms fitted into them, so that once the tank becomes full, it redirects the excess water into the storm water drainage system. The Raincycle System also features an auto control mechanism which switches between town and tank supply based on the volume in the tank automatically, ensuring the harvested supply is always used first when available.

Rainwater tanks provide many advantages to households, including providing water for use in the toilet, laundry and watering the gardens, reducing strain on the drainage system, lowering your water bills, and reducing flood peaks and site run offs.

Concrete rainwater Tanks

Raincycle is in the business of design, manufacture, supply, installation, and maintenance of concrete rainwater tanks, with a workforce of professional and licensed tank specialists. Our tanks are made of concrete and are delivered to sites in a complete form. We crane it off a truck into a prepared base of compacted sand or dust (with no stones or rocks) and stabilised around the edges, making the tank unlikely to give way or overturn.

Our concrete rainwater tanks are formed as a complete tank with no joins providing for the most durable design and with the addition of the lid sealing the unit this forms a rainwater tank that is made to the highest quality.

Our tanks also feature a mesh screen filter within the riser, ensuring the inbound water is filtered to a high degree and controlling the quality of water being pumped back out for reuse.

The concrete rainwater tanks by Raincycle, are one of the most affordable options for underground tanks. These tanks can also be fitted under structures; such as driveways and only the lid remains visible on the ground. This system makes it a popular choice amongst people in urban areas and when the space on the property is limited.

There are many advantages offered by concrete rainwater tanks and the most important one is that these tanks are very durable and our tanks are purpose-built. Our tank come with a warranty period of 10 years; but according to us, a tank that is of top-class quality and maintained accordingly, can last for several decades. Our tanks also prevent algae growth, as light is unable to penetrate inside.

Concrete Water Tanks Dimensions

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