Why every Australian home needs a water tank?

Why every Australian home needs a water tank?

Many parts of Australia struggle to get adequate water. While the majority of people in cities have access to local water, some individuals in more rural areas must conserve their own water. Installing rainwater tanks that ‘collect’ household water for usage, instead of purchasing it from the grid, is becoming more appealing to Australians. Read on to learn why every Australian home needs a water tank.

The importance of a water tank for Australian homes

1. Relief for the stormwater system

A complicated network of sewers, tunnels and catchments make up the water systems. Each Victorian property is linked to the water system by gutters and pipework that drain into domestic sewers and into the larger water system.

The water tank is intended to prevent floods by diverting runoff away from densely populated regions and towards rivers, streams, and the bay.

2. There are fewer reservoirs

The more water tanks people have, the less you need massive water reservoirs, processing facilities and costly desalination facilities to relieve the strain on our water system.

This leads to greater money for hospitals, universities and community initiatives. It also means less expensive land is being utilised for industrial reasons, as well as less industrial pollution.

3. Beautiful gardens

water tankIn Australia, maintaining beautiful green gardens may be difficult due to the dry environment. Lawns absorb a lot of water, particularly during the warmer months.

You also won’t have to worry or stress about the vegetation and plants dying due to a lack of water or about getting fined by the authorities if you exceed your water limitations with a water tank.

Advantages of rain water tanks

There are several advantages to putting a the rainwater tank in a new residence:

  • Rainwater is completely free and may be used in the backyard or at home.
  • The installation of a tank and its related equipment is quite simple.
  • When there is a surplus of water in the wintertime, the tank may be redirected to help flush toilets or do the washing.
  • Rainwater is sufficiently purified to be used to wash cars or fill swimming pools.
  • The load on stormwater systems is reduced when rainfall is captured.
  • Stormwater retention reduces the need for authorities to build new dams.
  • The water can be used as firefighting tanks during an emergency.

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