We Provide Storz Fittings With Our Fire Fighting Water Tanks

We Provide Storz Fittings With Our Fire Fighting Water Tanks

As we all know Australia is a country with semi dry climate and hot summers, which is why its rural and local areas are always experiencing bush fires on a yearly basis. On that basis, it’s important for homeowners who are planning to renovate or build their homes include fire mitigation plans. In bush fire prone areas, it is mandatory that a firefighting water tank is installed in every property. So, when you submit a plan for the renovation of a building or construction of a new home and you are in a zone that has frequent bush fires, you will be required to install a tank for firefighting purposes. This tank should have enough water available at all times for use in the event of a fire.

Rain Cycle can build and install an underground concrete water tank on your property. We are a renowned name in the industry and we manufacture concrete tanks that are custom built and fitted with the necessary Storz connection, to help the local fire services get access to the water supply, more easily and quickly. The common problem faced by firefighters is the mismatch between couplings because they vary from area to area. They find it difficult to connect their fire hose connections to the standpipe, the concrete water tank or the sprinkler system. This is not the case with Storz, as the connection is universal. For example, a 5-inch Storz coupling on our concrete water tank can connect to the hose of the fire connections of firefighting equipment, as well as the fire hydrants.

The size of your tank will depend on the size of the property where it will be installed and should only be used for the purpose of extinguishing fires. If the water is used for other purposes, such as garden irrigation systems, laundry, bathroom or washing, the homeowner should make sure that the tank is always full of water, for the fire brigade to use, in the event of a fire breaking out in the area. It’s critical that you as the homeowner ensure this is always front of mind with regular checks of water levels. You can install a concrete water storage tank, either above ground or underground. The Rain Cycle tanks are mostly installed underground, which can save you some property space. Also, we manufacture tanks made of concrete, as the material is non-combustible and is able to withstand the different levels of heat and flame conditions during a fire. This gives concrete tanks the best advantage of providing an effective solution to bush fires.

Water storage tanks are essential, if you are living in an area that is susceptible to bush fires. In such events, you have everything important to protect – yourself, your family and your property. Having a water storage tank, with sufficient water for suppressing fire is part of being prepared, for any disaster. In these areas, installing a water storage tank is not just an option for you; but it is a form of following the local regulations set down by local government.

Rain Cycle has a range of concrete underground water storage tanks that are ideally appropriate and acceptable for firefighting needs. Contact us for a fast quote. If you want to learn more, please call us on 1800 006 176 and request to speak with our expert team. You may also be interested in browsing our website www.raincycle.com.au.

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