Raincycle- New Product Announcement Dual Filter System

Raincycle- New Product Announcement Dual Filter System

Raincycle are the original and leading concrete underground Rainwater Tank manufacturers and we are proud to introduce you to our latest innovation – the DUAL FILTER SYSTEM.
This innovation improves the rain water filtration by having a two stage system. Stage one is a mesh filter on the inlet and the stage two bag filter.
These filters can be easily and cost effectively replaced where required and the dual filtration element gives assurance the pump is moving higher quality filtered water, serving a key feature in the longevity and integrity of the pump.


This innovative combination sees our product rise even further above the pack, with a two-stage filter process

  1. Mesh Screen Filter – initial filter on the tank riser, this high-quality mesh screen will trap the majority of small to large foreign items being washed into the tank.
  2. Bag Filter – this secondary filter fitted at base of the riser, will catch and filter the finest foreign material from getting into the tank system.

Working in combination these Filters serve as the highest grade filtration system available for the tank.

For more information about our new products call us on 1800 006 176 or email us at sales@raincycle.com.au