Which Type Of Property Needs An OSD System?

Which Type Of Property Needs An OSD System?

With the dramatic change in climate becoming a problem today right across the country, it is time to consider how best to adapt to the situation. If you are thinking of how to store rainwater, when there is heavy rain, you might think about the need to install an OSD (onsite detention tank). Now it depends, as to where you are located, which will determine if you need an OSD or not. The main aim of an OSD is not to just install it and save water, but also to support development on the urban front and to protect the environment as a whole; reduce the chance of flooding in the local area and to benefit the local needs of the community.

So, what is an OSD?

Another name for an OSD is an onsite detention tank. It helps detain storm water and slowly discharges it to the council storm water system. The tanks that collect’s the water is the retention tank, and it is this tank which is the rainwater tank or the retention tank. The OSD should not be full, except, when it collects rainwater and for a short time period, thereafter, post the rains.

What is the use of OSDs?

  1. OSD SystemTo bring down the pressure on the existing drainage infrastructure, installed by the local council to prevent runoffs.
  2. To ensure no flooding happens because of the heavy rainfall runoff – As construction is on a rise everywhere, even in Australia, and so, when fauna and flora are destroyed for construction purposes, there are more possibilities of flooding and here is where OSDs can come into use and act as a preventative measure against floods.
  3. So, in short, installing OSDs on your private or commercial property is all about being environment friendly. As, where there is heavy risk of storm water runoff during heavy rains, at hard surfaces like roofs, site drainage, pavements etc., OSDs are a cost-effective alternative.

Installing an On-site Detention tank on your property today, can help the environment, the local needs of the area and importantly save water.

If you have decided on a OSD system, then you’ll need a company to install your on-stie detention tank, and we at Rain Cycle can help. We’ll obtain all the necessary permissions from the council and do the required documentation, prior to installing the OSD tank on your property.

So, whether it’s OSD or rainwater tanks, Rain Cycle, carries a large range of products that will suit your needs. Please visit us at raincycle.com.au or call us on1800 006 176 for more information, quote, or further advice. Our customer care personnel will assist help answer any queries. We can even provide you with a fast quote or estimate, if that’s what you need right now.

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