The benefits of rainwater tanks

The benefits of rainwater tanks

Installing rainwater tanks on your property is a smart decision for the long-term health of your property and bank account. Water tanks for the purpose of stormwater retention (detention) or firefighting will not only serve you well in times of crisis, but they will also contribute towards financial savings and a thriving landscape.

Water tanks save you money

Rainwater tanks take advantage of the rain cycle to store fresh, clean water that can be used for many purposes. A rainwater tank not used for stormwater detention holds clean water suitable for drinking, which will reduce the demands of your household on the mains supply. If you draw water from a bore, then rainwater retention provides a delicious alternative free of the mineral and chemicals that might have to be removed before bore water is potable.

A combined tank (a tank that stores both rainwater and stormwater runoff) is a wonderful way to save money on more general water use, such as laundry and watering plants, and it can help reduce expensive flood damage.

Water tanks can save your life

Rainwater TanksThe onsite detention tanks (OSDs) and firefighting tanks Rain Cycle installs might save your life.

An OSD for stormwater retention contains and disperses storm runoff. These tanks release water slowly, which allows property owners to safely manage its release as irrigation or into the public supply. OSDs help prevent stormwater surges and groundwater flooding, which are dangerous to human and animal life.

Firefighting tanks are required by law for good reason. By having a supply of water solely reserved for combating fire, property owners may be able to save their homes and families in the event of a bushfire or household accident. A firefighting tank can be the difference between life and death.

Water tanks help the environment

Waterlogged soil is low in oxygen, which plants need to breathe. When floodwaters take to too long to disperse, plants and crops drown, leaving the earth bare when the waters do recede. When the water leaves it takes much of the nutrients in the soil with it, leaving the remaining earth barren. Exposed earth is at significant risk of erosion and creates a void in the local ecosystem that can take a very long time – and a lot of money – to repair.

Contact us to make installation easy

We recommend concrete water tanks for flexibility in design as well as long term security on your property.

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