Why you should have a Firefighting Water Storage Tank?

Why you should have a Firefighting Water Storage Tank?

The number of commercial establishments in the urban areas and housing estates is ever increasing, and this calls for an unavoidable demand, to store water for suppressing fires. The Australian government has been very strict in implementing firefighting regulations, which should be followed, so you can safeguard your safety and properties. Concrete water tanks are the first thing that comes to mind for exactly this purpose.

Yes, firefighting water storage tanks are the safest and most reliable approach to fighting fires and keeping people safe from harm and injury. If you’re thinking about where you can might get some information or purchase these tanks, and you live in the Sydney suburbs or surrounding regional areas of NSW, then you might consider Rain Cycle who is a leading Australian manufacturer.

If your area is prone to bush fires, then for peace of mind contact Rain Cycle for order and installation. Putting up firefighting water storage tanks in your property is required by law; to those living in places that are at risk of bush fires. In many local councils it is a requirement by law and critical for obtaining building permits. Our tanks are made of concrete and are intended to be positioned underground. These are necessary pieces of equipment built for most homes and businesses and provide a safe and reliable environment for you and your families safety, but also your financial assets.

Concrete is a perfect material to build a firefighting water storage tank. Why, because concrete has high resistant qualities to combat, heat, fire, and external pressure. It is made up of cement, water and other non-combustible (not capable of igniting and burning) materials and importantly does not emit toxic fumes either. How about smoke? No, it does not produce smoke. This makes it clear; that installing a concrete water tank is a logical decision. Another advantage of a concrete water storage tank for firefighting purposes is that it does not drop molten particles once it is exposed to fire. It means that you can go about your day to day activities, without risking yourself from materials that are liquefied by heat.

We are a renowned manufacturer and installer of concrete firefighting water storage tanks in the NSW and beyond. We are leading the industry in water storage solutions, so we are confident we can help with a suitable fire fighting solution. If you’re in the market for a water storage tank for firefighting purposes, contact us for a fast quote on 1800 006 176 or visit us at www.raincycle.com.au. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with additional information you might need.

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