What Is The Best Rainwater Harvesting System?

What Is The Best Rainwater Harvesting System?

Before we investigate the different types of systems, let’s best explain rainwater harvesting.

This is a system of collecting and storing rainwater in containers called rainwater tanks, for possible use in a wide range of applications; inside and outside of the house. Through rainwater harvesting, you are making the most out of the rainfall, so that less amount goes to the storm water systems, drains away, or is wasted.

Rainwater harvesting provides several benefits, as listed below:

  • The system is inexpensive and fairly easy to maintain
  • It is good for your plants and gardens because rainwater is not chlorinated
  • It adds value to your property
  • You get additional water supply during water scarcity, droughts or water restrictions
  • It makes pressure on water supply and distribution less severe
  • You get reduced council and water utility bills
  • You save water that will otherwise go to waste.

There are 3 main types of rainwater harvesting systems, namely:

1. Directly Pumped

For domestic properties, the direct pumped system is the most common type of rainwater harvesting system. They are, generally, the easiest to install. The pump is located inside the underground tank. The water harvested is pumped to the home appliances directly.

2. Indirect Gravity

This process pumps the collected water to a header tank or a higher-level tank and uses gravity in supplying water to the outlets. Here you will only use the pump, when you need to fill the header tank.

3. Indirectly Pumped

This system does not rely on gravity in supplying the outlets, so the tank is positioned at any level in the house. For pressurized water supply, a booster pump is used.

Rainwater Harvesting SystemIf you’re wondering which system is best for you, it much depends on your individual situation. For a more informed decision, you may consider touch base with Rain Cycle. We offer different types of rainwater harvesting systems, including precast concrete rainwater tanks, pumps and filters for any type of system.

Rain Cycle supplies precast concrete water tanks, which are not only strong and durable, but also have the best resistance to bushfire. Our tanks are mostly prefabricated underground models. For specific requirements, we can construct them on site to your requirements. Underground tanks will save space and can capture runoff water, more so, than tanks above the ground.

Our rainwater harvesting system are designed to filter water before it enters the tank. Moss, leaves and twigs and other debris are removed from the water, using our own filters. Therefore, water is partially treated, allowing it to be used around the house, for cleaning, flushing the toilet and watering the garden and lawn.

Need more information? Or are you interested to know how a Rain Cycle water tank can save you some extra dollars on your monthly water bills? Then get in touch with us and our team of specialists will be happy to walk you through the best options for your specific requirements and purposes.

Once you’ve decided on installing a rainwater tank, contact us for a quote or advice on 1800 006 176 or visit us at www.raincycle.com.au.

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