What Is an OSD Tank?

What Is an OSD Tank?

When people need to store water for ready access, water tanks are used for a variety of applications, such as households, commercial and industrial operations. The installation of OSD tanks are not only required by law for new or recently renovated buildings, but also for residential builds and renovation construction and developments. In many parts of Australia, there is an advancement of construction and thus the removal or relocation of natural landscapes. This is a cause of concern for land owners, companies and homes, due to high risk of flooding, as there is nowhere for the rainwater to collect.

We strongly believe adapting precast concrete tanks into site for your OSD requirements will save your clients time and money. Outside of the set metric size of our cast tank, you have the ability to customise the tank to the specific needs of the site, giving you a site specific tank that can be delivered into an excavation off our truck and ready proceed to the next stage.

The customisations we can achieve include but are not limited to:

  • Customised Risers (round plastic or square concrete)
  • Inlet / Outlets anywhere on the tank required
  • Steps inside the tank
  • Weir Walls where required
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Single or Dual Pumps and Control Boxes

Rain Cycle is a renowned name when it comes to all kinds of tanks. We design, manufacture, install commission and service, whatever type of tank you wish to install on your property; especially the OSD tanks, which are a perfect solution, to prevent overloading and eventually, flooding. These tanks are intended for below ground installation, they can be placed in parking bays, under driveways and landscaping.

Our below ground OSD tanks are more commonly used in detaining water on site. They have suitable designs to enable maintenance. These tanks are different from the ordinary water tanks, because they are provided with special valves that permit the water to be discharged slowly into the drains and also with overflow provisions, in case of blockage in the system.

RainCycle OSD Tank

Rain Cycle will help you install an OSD tank, so that you get a temporary storage of stormwater runoff. With this, you can be sure that the volume and the run off rate of the storm water, is easily controlled. It is important that you have something to detain the stormwater from your site, so that you can contribute towards the alleviation of floods in your area. It’s not advisable to just store water in a rainwater tank as this doesn’t provide a pragmatic solution for minimising stormwater. The reason is because during a heavy downpour, the rainwater can fill easily, so flooding cannot be controlled. In OSDs, however, water will be released slowly, giving space for more water to be held or detained during a continuous downpour. This makes the load of water run off more manageable.

You would want to ensure that you are prepared in the cases of major storm events. Have an OSD tank installed on your property. Contact us for a quote now at 1800 006 176 or visit us at www.raincycle.com.au, we are happy to help with advice or information. Our services cover the areas of all Nowra, Snowy Mountains, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, North and Mid North Coast, Riverina, Southern Highlands, Laguna, South Coast, Narooma, Sydney suburbs, Bateman’s Bay, Werrington, Balmoral, Kenthurst, Mogo, East Kurrajong, Lowe MacDonald, Glenn Ines, Braidwood, Moruya, Grose World, Mallacoota, Dural, Cobargo and surrounding areas.