What Is A Rain Cycle?

What Is A Rain Cycle?

If you need a rain tank, where you can store water for your rainwater harvesting purposes, then you might consider an Australian manufacturer, known for quality and service. Rain Cycle is an Australian owned and operated company, which is in the business of manufacturing concrete rainwater tanks

We have many storage tanks options available on our well-equipped production site in Warragamba, in Western Sydney. This is great news for anyone looking for a rainwater tank supplier, as it becomes easier to select the ideal tank for your needs, situation and property.

When considering the installation of a rainwater tank, there are a number of things to consider, including the cost, location, whether to place it above or underground, the ground surface preparation, size of the tank, space restrictions, if any, whether the tank material is easy to repair and if there is a manufacturer guarantee offered.

You may decide to install your tank above or underground. When you need to choose between the two, your decision will depend on the available space, aesthetic preferences, budget and maintenance preferences. After that decision is made, next step is to select the tank type and material.

Rain Cycle produces concrete rainwater tanks that can be installed underground also, known as underground tanks. Concrete is a strong material and the tank’s load bearing lid allows it to be placed under driveways and garages. Concrete tanks are also ideal to install on properties that need to store large quantities of rainwater. The biggest advantage of the concrete material is, these tanks can be made in particularly large configurations too.


The concrete rainwater tanks of Rain Cycle are available in sizes that range from 4,000 litres to 21,000 litres. Increased capacities when required are possible, by interconnecting the tanks. The 5,000 litres capacity is the most common for BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) and the other sizes can be made available on request.

Using rainwater tanks has become a major means of conserving water, thereby reducing the load of water restrictions, and resolving the impact of climate change and droughts. Water from these tanks can be used to water gardens, wash clothes and flush the toilets. In effect, it can reduce your water bills, giving you a green, healthy garden and it also provides an alternative supply, whenever there are water restrictions.

During a prolonged dry season in Australia, rainwater tanks are great in minimising water usage and making the strain on storm water drainage systems lesser in degree. These tanks also retain water close to the source, thereby reducing site runoff and risk of flooding.

When you need a concrete rainwater tank for your home, simply call Rain Cycle and speak to one of our experts. You can call us on 1800 006 176. You can also visit as at www.raincycle.com.au for additional information or if your seeking advice. Once you have decided that you would like our help, please contact us for a fast quote.

If you’re building a new home in a particular region in Australia, where on-site detention tanks are required, it’s helpful to know that Rain Cycle can design, manufacture and install your required stormwater tank. We produce pre-cast tanks of set sizes, volumes, and shapes that will be appropriate for your property. Our tanks are made of pre-cast concrete, with set sizes and volumes. They are designed either for ground level or underground installation.

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