What Does OSD Stand for?

What Does OSD Stand for?

If you’re in the process of building a new home or new project, your local council have some specific requirements that you need to meet. One of these requirements will depend on the location of your building and managing effective storm water management and installation of an OSD tank. OSD tank stands for On Site Detention tank. This is a method of detaining and holding storm water runoff, on a temporary basis and then releasing it slowly to the ground or the town storm water system. OSD tanks are different from rainwater tanks in that, the detention tanks are fitted with special valves that release water flow over time.

Whilst a rainwater tank is always a good option, extreme storm water, especially in powerful storms and heavy downpour will not provide the ability for the tank to retain extra water flow. It can fill up quickly and easily and cause over run. A detention tank will always have available space, for more water to be collected and detained, even in consecutive downpours, as it has been designed, to be emptied at certain intervals depending on the water level. With this type of system, you can help your local area, in managing your storm water run-off, thus aiding, in the prevention of flooding.

An OSD is necessary, if your existing storm water infrastructure is not enough to contain the storm water run-off. Its basic function is, to slow down the speed of the flow, as the water gets into the ground or on the streets. Depending on what was planned in its design, the storm water when released, may take hours to get into the drains. The size of the tank that you want to install on your property and the size of the outlet of your orifice, are designed for a particular flow rate, to meet your area’s requirements. An OSD tank shall be empty, except during rain events and shortly thereafter. You may choose your on-site storm water detention tank, to be a stand-alone tank; but you may also combine it, with a retention tank. This retention tank, will store water for a rainy day or a sunny day, for multiple uses in the house, in contrast to an OSD tank.

Rain Cycle, manufactures and supplies all kinds of water tanks, in shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Our tanks are produced, following your specifications and can be designed; to have a split storage compartment, one to store rainwater and the other for detaining storm water. We are specialists in tanks that are for underground installation; complete with a rainwater harvesting system. Our OSDs can be positioned under driveways, where it can collect a lot of storm water run-off. OSD tank installation requirements and specifications, can vary from council to council, which is why, it is extremely important that you make consultations, with your local council, before any storm water solution is implemented.

The Rain Cycle water management experts can give you assistance, with your OSD requirements. We can help you determine the tank size, for your property. This can help meet the exact measurements that meet your on-site detention tank needs. If your building is located in a flood prone property, call us for a fast quote or for an expert advice at 1800 006 176. You can also visit us at www.raincycle.com.au to learn more.

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