What Are Onsite Detention Tanks (OSDs)?

What Are Onsite Detention Tanks (OSDs)?

If you are constructing a new residential building or simply renovating, your local Council has several requirements that you must comply too. Depending on where in Australia you are located, one of these requirements might be an installation of an onsite detention tank. This prerequisite by the local Council is the result of the increasing number of dwellings and the sizes of houses within the council areas; and its purpose is to reduce flooding problems that happen in most areas, which are situated downstream. OSDs are now compulsory for new residential buildings or recently renovated developments.

OSDs are fundamentally a concrete structure that are used to hold harvested rainwater and stormwater from roof tops and hard surfaces on your property. They are referred to as “detention tanks” because the harvested water is “detained” for a short time and then released at a slower than usual rate. This water can be used for several purposes. The tanks also have access points from the ground level, for maintenance purpose. One feature that distinguishes the onsite detention tanks, from the rainwater tanks is that OSDs are fitted with a valve, specially, to release the water gradually over a period of time. OSDs, however, should remain empty, except when there is rain and for a short period after that time.

Raincycle is in the business of designing, manufacturing and installation of OSDs. We have qualified professionals for designing these tanks and they are made right here is Australia. They are planned in such a way; that they are equipped to store run-off water, resulting from a storm event and also control the rate of discharge. This will ensure that the system can hold the extra run-off. On site detention tanks can be installed easily on any site, such as sub-divisions, residential building complexes, schools and universities, industrial parks, public buildings and amenities and many other types of constructions. The tank is kept secure underground and allows stormwater to be stored inside, before getting discharged to a designated outlet. OSDs are available for installation under landscaped areas, or even in often-used spaces, such as driveways and car parks.

We construct the OSDs, with standard design volume or we have full flexibility in design and sizing of the tank as we are the manufacturers. It also reduces the need for tank maintenance; to an extended period of time. Our expert team at Raincycle can advise you on the right product that will fit your requirements. Of course, the size of the tank is dependent on the size of your site. We will handle every aspect of the installation of your OSD tank, including construction of the base slab, the lids and drainage pits.

We can supply you the OSD tank that you need – small size for residential projects or large detention tank systems, for commercial developments. Council approval should always be sought before-hand, otherwise the installation will be delayed unnecessarily. Contact us for a fast quote or for any questions or concerns you may have call on 1800 006 176 or visit us at www.raincycle.com.au and Email : sales@raincycle.com.au

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