Water Tanks for Fire Fighting

Water Tanks for Fire Fighting

Water tanks offer of a wide variety of purposes, such as to storing water for domestic use and to suppress fires. This is especially true in some parts of Australia that experience dry and hot summers. These fire risk areas, require certain fire regulations to be meet by local council which will include firefighting water tanks.

This is one reason why the Federal, State and Local Governments and the Local Fire Authorities require the inclusion of firefighting water tanks, in the country’s fire prone areas. Human life and property must be protected; however, the mains may not be available, during a fire event or even if it is available, it may not function because it has been damaged by fire.

Today, every property that is located in areas that are prone to bush fire must have a static water supply. If you’re seeking a building permit, know that its approval is dependent on meeting the mandate for requirements for firefighting water tanks. In some regions, Victoria for example, they require a minimum of 10,000 liters storage. In NSW and other areas, it is 22,000 liters.

If you are building a property in a place that is prone to bush fires and you’re looking to install a firefighting water tank around it, Rain Cycle is committed to rural and regional Australia. We have been supporting the firefighting services, for more than 30 years through design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of water tanks, including those that are intended for industrial applications.

The water tanks should be readily accessible to the fire fighters, to refill their tankers. They can then get back to their job of suppressing the fire. Also, it is important that the tank area is clear of any vegetation, leaves, flowers and branches because they could ignite and prevent access to the water tank, during a fire event. This access and clearance of the area around the tank can speed up the refilling process and the site becomes safer, for the fire workers.

Fire Fighting

Rain Cycle manufactures tanks of concrete materials, which are more appropriate for use because of their non-combustible property and the tanks are designed for underground installation. We can also install your tank above the ground, according to your specifications. We conform to the Australian Standards AS 2304 – 2011 in the manufacture of firefighting water tanks.

It is also a requirement that water sources should be fast flowing and the fittings should be fire resistant, easy to connect and disconnect. For our firefighting tanks, we use Storz fitting and Vortex inhibitors. The Storz fittings have hinges and flanges that are interlocking, thus enabling fast and simple connection and disconnection to the fire fighters’ hoses. The Vortex inhibitors, on the other hand, prevents turbulence build up, which can reduce the speed of the water flow.

If your property is situated in the NSW, you don’t have to search too far, to find a manufacturer or firefighting water tank. We also have suppliers based right across the country to assist if your based outside NSW. Rain Cycle is just a phone call away. Please contact us for a fast quote at 1800 006 176. You can also visit us at www.raincycle.com.au can also provide you with important information.

We service the regions of Riverina, North and Mid North Coast, Laguna, Bateman’s Bay, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, Narooma, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Mallacoota, Nowra, Cobargo, Mogo, Moruya, Balmoral, the surrounding areas and Snowy Mountains.