Need Design for your Onsite Detention Tank/s?

Need Design for your Onsite Detention Tank/s?

When applying for a permit, to build a new home and depending on where your project is located, your local council may require that you to have a rainwater tank or an OSD (on site detention) tank or most probably, both. This is required as a condition, before you are granted a building permit because OSDs are now compulsory for new homes or renovations.

The need for onsite detention tanks is the result of the continuing construction developments and the actions abolishing some natural landscapes. There has been insufficient and effective way, for stormwater collection. Pavements, roofs, site drainage and other hard surfaces tend to increase the volume and speed of stormwater runoff.

As a compliance with the council requirement on OSD tanks, you will have to install an onsite detention tank on your property. However, before you can start, you must first have a design that strictly meets these requirements.

As stated in the requirements, the design shall be prepared by a qualified engineer or an engineering consultant and then they will issue a certification to verify that the system has been designed to meet the calculated PSD (Permissible Site Discharge) and SSR (Site Storage Requirement), which are explanatory.

Onsite Detention Tank

If you need a design for the proposed OSD system, then you should seek advice and information from a company who specialise in the field. This is where Rain Cycle can help. We are in the business of building all sizes of water tanks – designing, manufacturing and installing them on your property. Our tanks are made of concrete and can be installed, either underground or above ground levels. These tanks are prefabricated, although we can also do it on site, if needed.

If you require both the rainwater and the OSD tank, we have an in-house design department that will work closely with you, or your engineer if you have contracted one for the project. We will create a specialised multi-purpose design that is customised, to combine the use of the two tanks. We will develop design features that will manage tank overflows, prevent back flows and a means to stabilise the tank capacities.

The usual method for the council requirement is; to install two separate tanks – one for rainwater collection for domestic use and the other an OSD, for holding storm water runoffs. However, we can tailor a solution for you; to pair the two tanks and provide a customised design that will suit your specific need. Our design will be submitted to obtain a council approval for you.

Installing the tanks underground, could be a better option because your space will not be compromised. You can have it under your garage or your driveway, but it should have an easy access for maintenance and/or inspections. When you install it above ground, this may take some of your valuable land space, which you can utilise for other needs.

For your detention/retention tank requirements, only an expert like Rain Cycle can provide you with the help that you need. You can be assured that the council requirements will be met providing the necessary approvals for installation.

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