Looking for Rainwater and Detention Tanks

Looking for Rainwater and Detention Tanks

Before you start building your home, you may be required by your local council, to meet certain requirements, depending on the location of your home project. Among these requirements is the installation of rainwater tank/s and/or storm water tank/s and an effective storm water plan as well as fire protection plans.

Rainwater tank is the storage tank that holds the rainwater that falls on the roof and is harvested, before it gets contact with the ground. Rainwater provides residents with several benefits, including a potable supply of water with proper maintenance of the system. Other advantages of harvested rainwater are water supply for flushing the toilets, for laundry work, watering the gardens, cleaning the house and cars, filling up the swimming pool and others.

Storm water tank is more popularly known as a detention tank. It contains the water surges, in case of heavy rainfall and then slowly release this water, to take the pressure away from the town storm water system. The detention tank has a small outlet, through which the storm water is discharged.

You will notice that new houses in certain regions in Australia have installed on site detention tanks, as part of their drainage system. These detention tanks are designed to remain empty, except when there’s rainfall and for a short time later.

If you want to have the functionalities provided by rainwater and detention tanks, you’ve got two options:

  1. Use a dual use, specially made rainwater and detention systems or
  2. Use two water tanks: one for storm water detention and the other for rainwater retention.

Don’t know where and how to start? Rain Cycle can help. We can offer the help you need. But first, you will need to submit a BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) certificate to the government. This certificate will prove that the home you are going to build, will be made energy and water efficient. You can apply for this certificate online.

Rain Cycle produces and supplies a wide variety of concrete tanks intended for underground installation. They can either be prefabricated at our Warragamba plant or built on site and they can be used as detention tanks, to slow down the flow of water that enters your community’s storm water system. It detains that water temporarily and not over time.

Diagram of Onsite Detention Tank

When you use our tank as a detention tank, it will be fitted with an outlet, which should not be closed, so that storm water can be easily discharged to the storm water system. The tank will empty the required volume of water at the required discharge rate, which is determined by the size of the outlet or orifice and the capacity of the tank.

Rain Cycle tanks are easy to maintain, besides environmentally friendly. These tanks are the best way to prepare for water shortages or heavy rainfall and prevent massive flooding in your area. We can deliver them to your site, by way of our extensive distributors.

Contact us for a quick quote, by calling at 1800 006 176. Speak to one of our experienced and friendly team, who will be happy to guide you in the process of installing your rainwater and detention tanks. For additional information, visit www.raincycle.com.au.

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