Ever Considered A Combined OSD And Rainwater In One Tank?

Ever Considered A Combined OSD And Rainwater In One Tank?

Water tanks are essential for your home and there are two types of tanks that you’re required to install. Typically, different tanks are needed to supply rainwater to your home and to avoid water damage during heavy rainfall. However, if your property is compact and you don’t have a lot of space for storing buried water tanks, there’s a convenient solution. Have you ever considered a combined OSD and rainwater in one tank? Read on to find out more about both types of tanks and the benefits of combining the two.

What are rainwater tanks?

A rainwater tank helps you to save money and be more environmentally friendly at home. Rainwater tanks are designed to collect rainwater and then supply it to your property. It can then be used for various purposes such as flushing the toilet, laundry, washing your car or watering the garden. Harvesting rainwater benefits households of any size, reducing your reliance on the mains water supply and the associated costs.

What are onsite detention tanks?

An onsite detention tank, also known as an OSD, is a tank that temporarily holds stormwater runoff. It then slowly releases the water into the ground or stormwater system. An OSD is different to a typical rainwater tank because it’s fitted with valves that are specially designed to gradually release water. This type of tank releases water whenever it reaches a certain level of capacity, meaning it can always take in more water. This can be valuable during heavy storms and extreme weather.

Benefits of combining tanks

Combined OSD And RainwaterWhen you need both tanks, a combined option is a great solution. It’s a great space-saving option because you avoid needing enough space for two tanks. Installation is also typically quicker and easier than installing two separate tanks, which can also save you money. Combining both types of tanks is a more cost-effective option than paying for both of them separately.

The combined tank also brings together both of your needs – effective protection from flooding plus ready access to reusable water. A combined tank is efficient, eco-friendly and accommodates the demands of your household. It lets you save money, protect your home as well as the environment, and add value to your property. A combined tank also puts you in control – there’s always the option to remove and transport the tank to a new property.

At Rain Cycle, we offer a Combo Rectangle 10,000L Rainwater OSD tank, so get in touch with us today to learn more.

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