Can We Build a House on the Underground Water Tank?

Can We Build a House on the Underground Water Tank?

Ever changing climate conditions is a challenging issue, which we all live with every day. Now more than ever, the focus on the environment and the need to take measures to conserve water is critical. One great way to recycle rainwater and reuse it in your homes, is by installing a rainwater tank. The stored rainwater can be used for a variety of domestic purposes, such as laundry, gardening, toilet flushing, etc. A few benefits of using these water tanks include- reduced need of desalination plants, increased environmental protection and reduced operating costs. It is estimated that installing a concrete underground rainwater tank in your home, can save up to 40% of your normal water supply.

Homeowners, who have already built their homes in the past might be wondering whether it is possible to build an underground water tank. The answer is yes. All you need to do is keep the following measures in mind before you start with your construction-

  • The underground water tank must be fitted with a flush device.
  • The underground water tank must be properly labelled for easy dentification.
  • You must install mosquito barriers to prevent their infestation.
  • The overflow tank of the water tank must be connected to a drainage system.
  • The piping and tubes used for construction must be sound proof.
  • Make sure that the installed water tank is not connected to any public network water supply, unless mandated by the local authority.

Underground Water TankAt Rain Cycle, we can help install all kinds of rainwater underground water tanks. If you want to have an underground water tank below your home, it is advisable to install a concrete rain water tank. These tanks can be placed underground after proper excavation by professionals. You will need to get a certified company like Rain Cycle, to help you set up your rainwater collection system. Rain Cycle is the leading water tank manufacturer and supplier in Australia. Our tanks are constructed with the highest quality standards meeting all local and state regulations.

An underground rainwater tank is the ideal solution to make use of the existing water supply. The advantages of Rain Cycle’s concrete water tanks are countless. Firstly, these underground water tanks are fire resistant, and will protect your drinking water from any harsh climatic conditions. Secondly, a water tank situated underground needs no additional cooling. It stays cold due to the cool underground Australian climate. Lastly, it protects your water from wildlife and impurities.

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